This is a collection of my six best photographs throughout my high school career.

“Beautiful Land”

This image was taken around sunrise at my cottage. I had never seen mist like this before and I had to get a picture. Although I was fighting against a dying battery I’m proud of how this image turned out, I just wish it wasn’t so bright on the left side so you could see more of the mist.

“Autumn Mornings”

This was taken when I was reteaching myself how to use the DSLR cameras. I like how clear the leaf is, especially the middle dew drop however it could be cropped a bit.

“The Misty Mountain”

This was taken not long after the first image at my cottage. I love how you can see the sun rays in this photograph.

“They Walk Among Us”

This was taken while walking my dog one day during the fall. After some fairly heavy editing, I finally had this as my final product and I’m pretty proud of it. I like how the picture is all monochrome except the green in the sky however, I could have probably turned the clarity down to avoid some grainy-ness.


This is a portrait of one of my best friends I took in grade 11. I love the whole picture but especially how her left eye seems to pop when most of that side of her face is darker. This is the first picture I was really proud of in that class and it is unedited.




Dragonflies have always had a place in my heart so when my backyard was filled with them I had to take a picture. I like how the dragonfly is isolated to one side of the image and doesn’t take up the whole picture, however, I feel as though it is a bit blurry.


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