The theme for my portfolio is abandoned things. For as long as I can remember old, creepy things like these have spoken to me so naturally when I got to choose a theme for my portfolio I chose to capture the abnormal places that hide in the shadows of our societies. I’m a firm believer that walls hold stories and I believe that the walls in these photos have a lot of stories just waiting to be told.


The subject of this image is an abandoned house on Highway 93. Don’t know anything about this house other than it’s been abandoned for decades, is falling apart, and is very creepy both outside and inside, and of course, I had to go through it (I don’t recommend trespassing). I used the preset ‘sepia’ in Lightroom, I like how creepy the picture is however, I wish I had gotten the image a bit more zoomed out.


This statue was found in the Waubeaushene Protestant Cemetery in May. I found it odd that it was placed in a corner of the cemetery and not near any graves, and judging by the moss on both the statue and (fake) flowers it has been there for quite a long time. Again I used ‘sepia’ in Lightroom, I love the overall picture just wish it wasn’t so distorted (due to downloading it probably).


This little cabin (if you can even call it that anymore) is on the road to go to my cottage. After 15 years of driving by this hunters cabin and watching it deteriorate, I decided to look inside and get a picture before it completely collapsed. As with all my pictures, I used ‘sepia’ in Lightroom.


This is an old barn on Highway 124 on the way again to my cottage, although it is on a property that has occupants they seem to have forgotten about this building. Used ‘sepia’ in Lightroom, I like the asymmetry the building has, just wish it was a little darker in some parts but that’s just a personal preference.


This window is part of an abandoned mansion in Penetanguishene. It is one of the only stained glass windows in this house so I think it’s a shame it was smashed, but the whole house is pretty damaged due to trespassers. Used ‘sepia’, I like how you can see the forest through the mirror.


This is an abandoned boat off a side road in Fesserton. I first photographed it last year but went back to recapture the image. Used ‘sepia’ in Lightroom, I like how the boat blends in with the foliage, however, I wish it stuck out a bit more from the foreground(contradicting I know).


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